What can you expect from the full course? 

By the end of the course you will:

  • understand the physiology, what happens in the mother's body when she births her baby

  • know how to create an environment to enable her body to birth calmly

  • be able to go into deep relaxation quickly and effectively 

  • feel confident that you can work in equal partnership with your caregivers 

  • feel ready to write your birth preferences (less rigid than a birth plan)

  • understand how the birth partner can support the mother during the birth 

  • feel ready for and excited about the birth of your baby

Full course content

The programme that I teach is a full antenatal course, it is far more than just about relaxation techniques. Some describe it as more informative than other well-known antenatal classes. It is made up of 4 sections which teach you about the logic behind hypnobirthing, techniques to go into deep relaxation and ways to prepare your body and baby for birth. It also informs you of what to expect in the lead up to and for the birth itself. It empowers partners to play a key role in the birth too.

1. The logic behind the course
Our minds and bodies are strongly connected. Words and thoughts influence our state of mind. When we have sad thoughts we cry, when we have happy thoughts we smile.
We look at how this connection works and what it means for our birth experiences. 
2. Techniques
When training for a sports competition we learn techniques to prepare our minds and bodies for the big event.

Here, we do the same for birthing. We discuss and practice techniques, such as breathing and visualisations that will help you prepare your mind and body for the birth of your baby. 
3. Before the birth
Sometimes, something happens at the end of the pregnancy or early in the process of birth. Understanding what the impact this can have later  on will help the mother feel more in control and know how to make some adjustments to give her the opportunity to have the birth that is right for her.  
Here we look at due dates, inductions, etc. 

4. During the birth 

We go through information that will help you compile your birth preferences (a more flexible birth plan).


We cover the different phases of labour and the more practical side of birth. We look at what to expect and how to make sure you have what you need for the birth that you want. 

What are the benefits of doing this course? 

This course gives you the toolkit for you to use to have a calm and confident birth, the benefits of which can be felt by all the family, mum partner/dad and baby. 

For the mum 

  • More confident and in control during your birth

  • Potentially quicker and less painful birth

  • Less chances of needing drugs, interventions and tearing

  • Higher chances of a quick recovery from the birth

For the baby

  • Gentle transition from in utero to the outside world 

  • Picks-up the mother's microbiome for stronger immune and digestive systems

  • Baby is alert, ready to bond and have the best start breastfeeding

For the dad/partner

  • Confident in how to protect and support the mum during pregnancy and birth

  • Involved, informed and empowered, therefore doesn't feel like an observer

  • Stronger bond with the baby and the mother sharing this special time

Why KGH?


In this course I use the KGH programme which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. It is a full antenatal programme which focuses on releasing fears and building confidence during pregnancy and birth. 


It was first created by Katharine Graves who is a practitioner of hypnotherapy and who saw the benefits of using hypnotherapy - i.e. using the power of words and visualisation - to enable women to feel more positive about their upcoming birth and therefore go on to have a calmer and more gentle birth. The evidence of how effective this programme is comes through all the testimonials from midwives, partners and mums who have used or witnessed the toolkit being used in action during births. 

For more information on the history of the programme you can visit the KGH website 

I run classes daytime, evenings and weekends. To get in touch, you can email me on: tiffany@yourbirthcoach.co.uk, or

call me on 07808 294 781.


Alternatively, you can use the form on the Book a course page for more information.  

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