Hypnobirthing courses

First things first, what is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a method that prepares you for the birth of your baby. It helps get rid of negative thoughts that have been built up in our subconscious. It uses relaxation exercises and robust information to, basically, re-programme our negative, fearful subconscious to a positive and confident subconscious. Feeling positive deep down is very important as it means we can let go of any fear in our mind, follow our instincts and let our bodies do what they need to do to birth our baby safely.


I felt so empowered in my birth, it was honestly the most surreal experience. Things didn’t really go as expected but that didn’t matter as I was ready to go with what my body was telling me and I was able to use deep breathing and visualisations to keep me calm and focused throughout "  A hypnobirthing mum, St Albans

I offer 3 types of courses to chose from:


Full course

Full Hypnobirthing Antenatal

This private full antenatal course teaches parents-to-be how to use hypnobirthing  in order to feel calm and in control throughout their labour and the birth of their baby.  In addition to providing  breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques, the course prepares you for decisions you may have to make in the lead up to and during the birth of your baby as well as during that first beautiful golden hour.

What the course includes: 

  • 10 hours, private course

  • Discussing what you want and don't want in your birth experience.

  • The biology of birth 

  • Preparations techniques

  • Relaxation & visualisations

  • The medical system

  • Induction & interventions

  • The stages of birth

  • The golden hour

  • KGH Book

  • MP3 tracks for your daily practice

  • My support until the birth of your baby 

Group: £295

Private: £395

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Hypnobirthing Antenatal Refresher 

This one-to-one course is for parents-to-be who have already attended a hypnobirthing course either for a previous pregnancy or earlier on in their current pregnancy. In addition to going over the foundations of hypnobirthing and why it works, we will work together to identify the elements of the course that we will focus on so that  you feel calm, confident and ready for the birth of your baby.

What the course includes: 

  • 3 hours, private course on zoom

  • I work with you to tailor the content of the full course to cover area that you feel you need a refresher in

  • KGH book

  • MP3 tracks for your daily practice

  • My support until the birth of your baby

Price: £150

Taster session

Want to find out before signing up?

This hour will give you and your partner an overview of what the course offers. We can discuss the course which may best fit your needs. They take place on Zoom every 3rd Thursday of the month.

Price: FREE

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your specific needs and identify the course that would be the most suited to you please get in touch: tiffany@yourbirthcoach.co.uk