Frequently asked questions 

When should I attend the course? 

You can attend the course whenever you wish to during your pregnancy. I'd advise attending when you start to think about giving birth. This is often around the 24 week mark but this varies according to personal preferences.


The more time you give yourself to practice the more you will benefit from the relaxation BUT it is never to late to take the course as it will help you deal with any end of pregnancy jitters you may experience.

Does my partner have to come? 

Where possible I recommend that both the mother and father/birth partner attend the course. The course is a combination of information, discussion as well as relaxations. During the course the partner/father will learn how best to support you when you give birth. Not only will it make them feel more informed about the birth of your baby but it is a lovely opportunity for the two of you to share something special and bond together as well as with your baby.


If your birth partner is unable to make it, please feel free to bring another close friend or relative who will be supporting you throughout the rest of your pregnancy and birth. 

This is not my first baby, will this course still be relevant? 

Of course! Women often attend the classes as a refresher or after having previously had a birth that wasn't as positive as they would have liked. There is so much in this course that you will always benefit from it and take away something different.

How many people in the group session? 

The number varies greatly as it will depend on the venue and demand but there will be 2 couples at a minimum and 4 at a maximum. It is a great opportunity to start/increase your parent network, share a special time with like-minded people you can then stay in touch with as you go on to have your babies. 

How much does the course cost?

All the prices and details of the course can be found on the Book a Course page

I can't attend both sessions in the same month. What are my options? 


We try to keep the same group as far as is feasible, however, if you can't attend both saturdays in the same month you can do the course across 2 months. Let me know which days you can/can't make when you contact me to book so that I can plan for it accordingly. I do strongly recommend that you do attend the full course to benefit from all the tools and information that it will provide you with. 


My partner is very sceptical, any tips on how to get him on side?


Many fathers are sceptical going into the session yet they seem to be huge advocates by the time they finish the course. They are simply worried about you and your baby, his family. They often say they feel powerless when it comes to birth and as a result of all the horror stories people love to share and broadcast on television for entertainment they would rather you stuck to the common way of giving birth which is rely on a caregiver to "deliver" your baby for you. So here are a few arguments to allay their concerns : 

  1. Clarify what hypnobirthing is - Hypnobirthing is not a hippie thing and it is not the same as giving birth without medical support. Hypnobirthing is factual, it is about becoming more informed on the whole process of giving birth, knowing how to trust your body and it is about learning how to collaborate with caregivers to benefit from the care you need when you need it. It is an antenatal course which focuses on empowering the two of you to have a positive birth experience through relaxations and information.

  2. Describe how it can help them - Hypnobirthing upskills fathers/partners to take on the really important, yet simple, role which is to protect you so that you can remain calm and listen to your body/baby during the birth. By being well informed, they become your confident spokesperson if you like, they become the liaison between you and the caregivers so you don't have to think about anything other than yourself and your baby.

  3. Quote fathers who have done it - Fathers have said great things about hypnobirthing, the most powerful I've heard is "it just works!"

Why should I attend this instead of another antenatal course? 


This course is a full antenatal programme. It focuses on preparing to give birth and the birth itself, which is actually what women tend to want to focus on during their pregnancy. It is often too early to talk about weaning and baby massage. The added benefit of doing the hypnobirthing antenatal course is that I am an accredited hypnobirthing teacher so I deliver my courses in a way that will support a positive mindset about birth. I will give you the information, the tools and sign post you to sources where required so you feel well equiped, ready and excited about giving birth.  The group courses also offer the network that you would gain from attending other antenatal programme. 

What happens if I have any questions after the course? 

I will give you my contact details so that you can get in touch if you have any questions or concerns you would like to talk through. I offer my support for free to anyone who has attended the course in the lead up to giving birth as well as in the early days after birth so you can keep the positive mindset you got during the course.