Testimonials - Hearing it from the mums themselves

First time mum

"I’d highly recommend Tiffany for any soon to be mums and dads who want to use Hypnobirthing. Tiffany was so welcoming and great at putting ours minds at ease about the birthing process and how to use Hypnobirthing techniques."


Jo, Aspley Guise, mum of 1 

Second time mum, planning a VBAC

"After having an unplanned C-section with my little boy I was becoming anxious about the birth as my second pregnancy progressed. Keen for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) and to feel more relaxed we signed up for Hypnobirthing with Tiffany and were very pleased we did. Our knowledge of labour and what to expect was refreshed and gave us a fresh outlook on what we were soon to experience. Tiffany went through each stage clearly simplifying what to expect which could otherwise feel daunting. I went into labour feeling prepared and relaxing knowing to trust my body. Thank you Tiff! "                                                                           

Caroline, Weathampstead, mum of 2 little boys 

Third time mum, planning a VBAC (after 2 C-sections)


"I have three beautiful children. My pregnancies were all straight forward and without complications. Prior to my first baby’s birth I didn’t do any preparation, just the regular NCT classes. I had written a birth plan as I would have liked to have a natural birth without medical intervention. Foolishly I thought that would just happen! I ended up having an emergency c-section.

My second birth was a similar experience, although I tried for a v-back. Again however, I didn’t prepare...nor was I advised to either!

I was determined to do things differently with my third and, having spoken to Tiffany, decided to enrol in a 1:1 hypnobirthing course.

I wish I had taken the hypnobirthing course before I had any of my children. Having taken the course I felt much more empowered, knowledgeable about my body and the process of labour and it gave me and my husband the understanding and skills required to have a much more positive birthing experience.

I would recommend that any mother to be take the course. It is so important to have a positive birth experience for you and your baby.


Dominique, Oxford, mum of 3 children