I'm Tiffany. I'm a mum of 3 and the founder of YOUR BIRTH COACH. I love to help couples dig deep inside their minds to find the confidence to welcome their newborn baby their way. My work is driven by my 3 founding beliefs: 

1. Hypnobirthing will give you all the tools you need to achieve the best start for your family. It's then down to how much YOU want it.

I know this because I experienced it. 3 times. The magic of Hypnobirthing comes from the personal growth you experience in your preparation. Hypnobirthing made me

  • want to adopt a positive mindset regarding birth 

  • love to practice relaxations and positive statements

  • feel ready to address the deep hidden thoughts, assumptions and beliefs which were holding me back from fully believing in my ability to give birth safely

  • feel informed about birth and the different routes it can take

This may sound like a lot, but I cannot tell you how much it was worth doing. I got my 3 home births. I made the decisions which felt right for me, for us. My kids' births were the 3 most empowering moments of my life. I became more confident as a woman after successfully giving birth the way I believed deep down that I could. I kept thinking to myself  "I did it" The preparation paid off" 


2. Physiological birth is our bodies working with our babies, therefore, WE are the experts in our baby's birth, not the doctors and hospitals. 

Being French I always assumed I would have medicalised birth, with all the drugs I could get and, of course, be in hospital where I thought the experts for birth were to be found. I quickly realised that doctors and hospitals are an invaluable support  in case things veer away from normality, BUT that WE: women, mums, are the experts in our bodies and our babies.

We should listen to what our caregivers tell us but we should never accept an intervention without being fully aware of what it entails and what impact it might have on our labour, our bodies or our baby. If, based on the preparation we have done, our instinct tells us it's not right, then it's most probably not right for us or our baby.


Our instinct is the expert we need to listen to when giving birth.


3. The impact of Hypnobirthing goes way beyond birth. It makes us better parents.

Hypnobirthing preparation and my births changed the way I saw my babies. If they were able to work with me during their growth in utero and their birth, then I should trust them once they were born to tell me when they were happy, tired, hungry, thirsty, cold, hurt, scared or just wanting a cuddle. I was therefore more relaxed and attentive to their cues as I knew I respected their ability to communicate, I trusted them to tell me what they needed from me. 


I respected and trusted my babies, in the same way that, to this day, I respect and trust my children's ability to thrive. I'm the adult but I don't alway know best. I continue to work with my children to make their education and growth pace one that is right for them.  Surely this is the best way to be raising happy and healthy adults? 

If this sounds like the type of mindset you would like to adopt for your pregnancy, birth and motherhood get in touch. I would love to meet you!  

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My profile: 

  • KGH certified hypnobirthing teacher - an RCM* accredited hypnobirthing course (*Royal College of Midwives) 

  • Experience in Hypnobirthing since 2013  

  • Had 3 hypnobirths - very different but all positive 

  • Extensive experience in facilitating small and large group sessions  

  • Member of a large community of midwives, hypnobirthing teachers and mums across the UK

  • Strong active listening skills, empathy, I love to help people achieve their aspirations

  • Based in St Albans, Hertfordshire