New dates! In-person group Hypnobirthing courses in St Albans (AL4) (9.30am - 4.30pm)

  • December 4th and 11th


  • January 15th and 22nd


  • February 5th and 12th


  • March 12th and 19th

Welcome to Your Birth Coach 

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If you’ve arrived here as an expecting Mum or Dad then first of all “Congratulations!” Whether this is your first baby, or third, and you want to feel confident about your upcoming birth, or want a refresher, know that you’re in the right place.

I run private and group comprehensive KGH antenatal courses to give you the information, techniques and confidence to have the birth that you feel is right for you. Together, we’ll look at the physiology of our bodies to understand what happens when we give birth, provide you and your birthing partner with relaxation techniques that work and empower you with all the information you’ll need to feel in control of the pregnancy and birthing process.

If you want to find out more before committing to the full course, I can provide a free taster session to talk through how hypnobirthing may help you. You can contact me by email on:  

 “I’d highly recommend Tiffany as she has a very professional and caring way of coaching. She takes the time to understand your concerns and make you think about them differently, helping you to see the facts and dispel any unnecessary fears"  A hypnobirthing mum

Hypnobirthing in a nutshell

Hypnobirthing enables an expecting mother to understand how to work with her body for the birth of her baby. It does so by helping her and her partner to release fears and replace them with calm and confident thoughts. Here are a few example of positive statements:


  • Your body is naturally designed to do this. You simply need to let go of any negative thoughts that may keep it from doing so. "I trust my body to birth my baby"  

  • Your baby is a part of you. You know what’s best for him or her. "I trust my motherly instinct"

  • To partners: the mother of your child can do this. All she needs is you to believe in her and support her. "Trust her. She’s got this!"

  • The two of you know each other and your baby better than anyone, no matter how medically trained they are. That makes you both experts. "Trust your informed judgement."   


Are you thinking that this is all well and good in theory but what about in practice?

Come join me on the course, at the end of it you will look back on the above and wonder why you doubted it in the first place (if you ever did!). That’s simply because Hypnobirthing works.  If allowing our bodies to do what they need to do wasn't the right thing to do, wouldn't there be a lot less of us around?

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“My initial scepticism soon disappeared when I realised how factual the course was. I left feeling much more informed, with the realisation that I actually had a very important role to play and the confidence to do it. The group setting is great as it meant I got to meet other fathers, share experiences and hear others people’s questions."

A hypnobirthing dad

I'm Tiffany, I'd love to help you

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My name is Tiffany, I’m a certified KGH teacher and my mission is to play a role in increasing the number of women who feel calm and confident during the birth of their baby.


Coming from a French family, I always thought that the day I would have my first baby, it would be with an epidural, after all, birth is painful so, the less I can feel the better, right? That was before my colleague at the time recommended me to look into KGH. I never looked back. I went on to have 3 beautiful home births all very different but equally empowering, the biggest highs of my life. 6 years on, I am a KGH teacher myself.

I’ve spent my career in management consulting, coaching people and teams to work more effectively on their own and together, facilitating workshops and creating spaces in which people feel comfortable. With Your Birth Coach, I have merged my professional passion with what I felt were my biggest life achievements and offer hypnobirth coaching to enable women to have the birth which is right for them and their baby to give their family the best start in life.