"Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to Hypnobirthing!" 

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Doing a hypnobirthing course is the best thing you can do for you, your baby and your family, whether this is your first child or whether you already have children. This is me speaking as a mum of 3. 

Picture this:  Your baby has just been born. You are sitting comfortably, with a cup of tea, holding your beautiful baby in your arms, looking into their little eyes, smelling their skin, stroking their tiny hands and feet. You feel proud, empowered and totally in love with this little person.  

You felt calm, comfortable and confident throughout the birth. You weren't scared, because you knew there was no need to be as you had worked hard in the preparation and made all the decisions that were right for you. You just felt your mind and body working together with your baby.

That sounds good doesn't it?! That's Hypnobirthing. All you need to do is sign up to the course and I will support you in your preparation from there.

Tiffany  was wonderful ... very professional and caring ...  She took the time to understand me and my concerns and dispelled all my fears ...

My services

I am based in St Albans, Hertfordshire and I run KGHypobirthing courses:

  • Private courses

  • Group courses in a homely and calm setting

  • Full course 

  • Refresher Course

  • Pregnancy get-togethers  

  • FREE Zoom taster session

I will give you the information, techniques and confidence to have the birth that you feel is right for you. Together, we’ll look at the physiology of our bodies to understand what happens when we give birth, provide you and your birth partner with relaxation techniques that work and empower you with all the information you’ll need to feel in control of the pregnancy and birthing process.

A little bit about me

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My name is Tiffany, I’m a certified KGH teacher based in St Albans and my goal is to enable women to have a birth which feels right for them and their baby. 


I have been involved in Hypnobirthing since 2013. It is thanks to Hypnobirthing that all 3 of our children had beautiful and calm births at home. All their births were very different but equally empowering and by far the biggest highs of my life. 

Prior to Your Birth Coach, I worked in coaching, enabling people to be the best they can be. In 2019 I set-up Your Birth Coach, to work with women and their partners to help them feel prepared and confident about the upcoming birth of their baby. 

I've loved every single session that I've run. Seeing the look of fear of birth being replaced by confidence and excitement on the women and their partner's faces is when I know that I have succeeded in my job. 

After the course I felt far more knowledgeable ... almost an expert myself... The group setting was great ... I got to meet others in exactly the same position with the same questions...

Tiffany really got me involved ... it really felt like something we were doing together as a couple ... (expectant father)

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